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"Going above and beyond to help

 old pets feel young again"

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What to expect when you come to BalanceVet?

Our visits are different to a normal vet visit. Often different to a normal human physiotherapy visit. Many of our patients have complex problems that have been present for a long time. And they can’t talk!

 Sometimes we will get a patient where one treatment is all they need and we never see them again. This is not common.

Our first visit is often 45-60 minutes long and this will include a full assessment, initial treatment and we will give you a rehab plan which looks at how many treatments we think we might need to help.

As an example a short term lameness in a young dog may only require two half hour treatments a week apart.

Some old patients with many issues may require 4-6  one hour treatments weekly and then ongoing maintenance.

What is Rehab for pets?

Rehabilitation for pets is a way of helping pets that falls outside what is routinely taught in vet schools. It is a growing discipline used by an increasing number of vets and physiotherapists that requires extra training after graduating university. It can be helpful on its own or when added to existing veterinary medicine or surgery. It may use one modality or many modalities at once. These can include manual therapies, acupuncture, laser therapy, shockwave therapy, electroacupuncture, home exercise programs and much more.

Is Rehab for Your Pet?

Our patients are varied and include:

  • Post surgical patients especially those who are not mobile and recovering as expected

  • Geriatric patients who are having trouble with mobility, dementia and all their other ailments. Many of these guys are on multiple medications and still are having issues This is where rehab comes to the rescue.

  • Neurological patients who have had spinal injury or have a degenerative spinal condition. We have many tricks and treatments to help get them moving well again.

  • Those niggling lamenesses where the pet has had every test and still nothing can be found. Rehab practitioners are very skilled at musculoskeletal palpation as we do a lot of it every day. Finding that sore spot is our super power.

  • Heaps of other pets


We are always happy to have a chat and let you know if we might be able to help

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