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"We give pet parents the help they need to get their injured and aging pets PAIN FREE so they can KEEP MOVING and do the things they love"

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Arthritis in Dogs and Pets

Is your dog aging before your eyes? Is your old friend not as willing to go on walks, play with your other dog, unable to jump up in the car anymore or slipping over inside the house. If you said YES to any of these QUESTIONS then there is a good chance they have arthritis. I know as I get older there are sometimes I don't feel like moving as much. My back might be a bit twingey or I might have overdone it in the garden the day before. But sitting around is the opposite of what I should be doing to get rid of those aches and pains. We have all been in that situation where we are tender or sore and a small amount of movement does wonders to soothing those aches and pains. Well this scenario is the same for pets. Dogs and cats slow down as they get older. To make sure they are as pain free and as mobile as possible it's important to turn this around, get them off their bum and get them moving. This is where rehab can help. If you aren't sure how please fill in the form below to have a chat with our rehab vet. 


What if I can't get my old dog to exercise?

There is decades of research that shows regular exercise in humans helps them move better, live longer and healthier lives and prevent many different disease. Well you guessed it - the same applies to dogs. This applies to the whole range of dogs - from our lounge lizards that have never been into moving much to our busy canine athletes - it is never too late to start moving so they can move longer. We might see our old friend in pain and want to start helping them with some of their activities. But we could be making things worse. There is a negative feedback loop where less movement and activity means the old guy or lady start losing muscle which leads to them getting out of bed less and less,.

There is good news on the horizon. Rehab helps all dogs regardless of the stage they are at MOVE BETTER even if they have arthritis. If you would like know what rehab might cost and our availability please click below and fill in the short form.


Rehab and Dog Arthritis

One of the best ways to get your dog back doing the things they love is to get rehab advice on how to slowly increase exercise with a exercise program that is tailored to your dog based on what they stage of arthritis they are at. Can medications, injections and supplements help? For sure- but this is not a great long term treatment strategy. This is not addressing what is called movement dysfunction. Months or years of not using a joint or muscle the way it was designed means it starts doing a job it was never intended to do. Rehab and an exercise program is all about getting back normal joint and muscle function - back to the way nature intended it to work. We will look at prescribing an exercise program that is right for your dog. We give pet owners the tools and knowledge they need to get their dog back on track to lead happy lives.

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Balance Vet Arthritis Edition Newsletter

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Download our FREE educational newsletter that gives you heaps of information on how you might help your old dog that is slowing down and has lost that pep in their step. Most old dogs get arthritis - it's the management of this condition that can make all the difference.


Steve and the team at Balance Vet were great. I had almost given up hope of my German Shepherd being able to run and play again given chronic issues with her legs. Within a month she was at the park playing again and is much happier. Kirsty with Ava

Steve has been great with my three working border collies, especially with my senior dog whom has unilateral hip dysplasia and arthritis. I would definitely recommend him to dog owners whom are looking for alternative treatments for their dogs. Sally with Champ

Steve is great with understanding, diagnosing and treating older dogs with arthritis and other muscular etc conditions. My dog is far more mobile and has lost his limp since seeing Steve and really enjoys the massages.

Michelle with Lochie

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