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How Do I Know if My Dog is in Pain?

Updated: May 12, 2023

Many dogs are suffering, and their owners don’t recognize the signs. Signs of dog pain can be subtle or overt, but it’s important that you know what to look for. If your dog exhibits of any of the signs and symptoms, you will know when a vet visit is necessary.

Read on to find out the main signs of dog pain.

Changes in Habits

Your furry friend may have normal habits and routines they go through. This could mean eating, sleeping, drinking, and playing. If they are in pain, they may have changes in their normal habits or difficulty doing daily-life things.

When this occurs, your vet should be the first person you call.

Aggressive or Abnormal Behavior

Some dogs are naturally more aggressive or anti-social, depending on their background. But if aggression is abnormal, or happening more often, they may be experiencing pain.

They may act agitated or annoyed and unable to rest. Pacing, shaking, and trembling are all common signs of pain. If your dog is doing these things, it’s probably time for a trip to the vet.

Limping or Changes in Mobility

Another tell-tale sign of pain is if your dog is limping. Any changes in mobility can mean they are experiencing suffering. Your dog may have trouble coming to you upon call or jumping up on furniture and other items. Anything that seems abnormal is a cause for worry and action.

If your dog has changes in mobility, visit your vet immediately.

Groaning and Abnormal Noises

Your dog may be making abnormal noises like groaning, grunting, yelping, growling, and other alarming sounds. This can be a sign that there is a problem.

They can also have difficulty letting you pet them, and they may even yelp when you try to. Don’t try to force your dog to accept your affection. Instead, understand that they may be experiencing a bigger problem, and take them to your trained and licensed veterinarian.

Excessive Licking and/or Biting

Your dog may be cradling their paw or taking part in self-mutilation. Self-mutilation is when they excessively lick a part of their body (like their paws) or bite themselves. They believe by doing this that they can heal the pain, but it will require a lot more than licking to make the pain go away.

Instead of letting them mutilate themselves, take them to the vet as soon as possible.

Oral Health

A common sign that owners miss is bad breath or terrible teeth. This can be a sign of more serious disease or infection, and it can only be cured with the proper vet care and pain management plan.

How Do I Help My Dog?

The best way you can help your dog is by taking action right away. Taking them to a trained veterinarian will ensure that you figure out the problem, and you can find a solution too. At Balance Veterinary Care, we are trained in providing dog pain relief for any breed.

While trying home remedies can be tempting, the cause of the pain could worsen without the proper medicine and care. In some cases, your dog may even need Brisbane vet surgery.

Don’t risk the health of your precious friend. Instead, take action.

The Bottom Line

At Balance Veterinary Care, your dog’s health is our main priority. We make it our goal to ensure your pet is safe, happy, and comfortable. We want you to leave with no worries, knowing that your pet is in the best hands. We have a variety of treatments and rehabilitation programs to get your pup back to their normal life.

Schedule an appointment today to find out how much we can help!

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