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 old pets feel young again"

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Dog Hydrotherapy Brisbane & Gold Coast

"Dog Hydrotherapy encourages muscle contraction and increases joint motion with restricted weight bearing. This is particularly valuable in senior as well as arthritic dogs and those recovering  from surgical treatments. It is also great for pets requiring to lose weight and for sporting dogs to increase strength and endurance."

Benefits of Dog Hydrotherapy


There are multiple benefits to using dog hydrotherapy.

Water offers the following abilities:

  • The hydrostatic pressure can help improve circulation and then decrease swelling associated with inflammation.

  • The buoyancy of the water means weak patients are still able to walk effectively and still get their limbs and spine moving to achieve more range of motion.

  • The resistance provided by walking in the water can help all pets, old and young, build strength.

  • The heated water we use in the underwater treadmill has a pain relieving effect on sore joints and muscles.

Which dogs will benefit from an Hydrotherapy?


  • Pets that have had surgery for a range of musculoskeletal conditions including cruciate surgery, spinal surgery and broken bones will reap the rewards of a hydrotherapy program. Muscle atrophy and loss of range of motion is a consequence of these surgeries. The buoyancy provided by the water allows for reduced weight bearing and an earlier return to normal gait patterns in these guys.

  • Some pets may refuse to use a limb after surgery. Hydrotherapy for dogs is a great way to get them to place the foot down and then progress to normal gaiting on land.

  • Many geriatric patients lose muscle and joint range of motion as they get older. Regular dog hydrotherapy sessions can initially help improve strength and gait and then plateau them so the deterioration associated with old age is lessened.

  • If used correctly hydrotherapy can be a great conditioning tool for our sporting dogs. Both the competing kind and pet dogs who go at one hundred miles an hour.

  • For our overweight dogs and cats regular hydrotherapy sessions can be part of the overall treatment plan to work off the pudding.

Hydrotherapy with the underwater treadmill should be considered in the following conditions. (click on condition for more information).

Intervertabral disc disease 

Hip Dysplasia                         

Elbow Dysplasia


Cruciate Disease                           Degenerative Myelopathy    Fibrocartilaginous Emboli   


Osteoarthritis                                Pain                                          Polyradiculoneuropathy   


Shoulder OCD                               Tendinopathy 



Dog hydrotherapy Brisbane and Gold Coast