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"After trying many different medications, vets and several different treatments, I finally found Steve Denley to do electro acupuncture on Bundy. Steve was sensitive and gentle to Bundy's needs and feeling, I found Steve's expertise in the electro acupuncture gave Bundy great results after each session.  Bundy wasn't the easiest patient, but where others gave up, Steve was positive and pushed through for us.  Other local vets would have operated with no guarantees at thousands of dollars, but thanks to Steve none of that was necessary and we still have Bundy, we now enjoy watching his improvement daily, as another side of his little personality shines through for us to enjoy.  I will not hesitate to take Bundy back for more sessions, as he needs it."

Kerry Kinsela


"Just want to thank Dr Steve for his genuine and professional care for my little very sick dog Liza. After 6 months of very stressful treatment elsewhere,my little girl was getting worse and was very unhappy. Thank God I found Steve, in the last few months that Steve treated her, she got some quality of life back and was much happier, the acupuncture, chinese herbs and a different diet,  gave Liza and me some quality time.  Unfortunately we had to make the tough decision for Liza, I just want to say that I don't think I could have coped with this without Dr Steve, he is so genuine and the care and compassion shown to me and little Liza was truly amazing, I would never take my animals to another vet again. Thankyou Dr Steve, from the bottom of our hearts"

Julie and Liza Hepner


"Unfortunately for us we only met Steve in the last few weeks of our boy Zeus' life. Zeus was a 10 and a half year old Great Dane who had heart disease and was arthritic. During that time the support, care & concern shown by Steve was second to none. As well as treating his heart condition, he was given acupuncture and this together with massage definitely relieved his pain. When the time came for us to let him go, Steve was there for us and with compassion and the dignity he deserved, we were able to say goodbye to our boy. We have 3 other Great Danes and are modifying their diet as recommended and in future they will be seeing Steve for all their veterinary needs. Thank you Steve, you are a true professional, and passionate about what you believe in and do"


The Stevens family


Following my experience with Steve Denley, I am a big fan of using acupuncture as a complimentary treatment for my animals. Chero is my surprisingly fit and well 58kg, 8 year old Rottweiler, so when he suddenly showed signs of being in extreme pain seemingly coming from his spine, it was very concerning. During the initial visit with Steve, he had to be knocked out just to get him into the surgery and give him a treatment. With no obvious reason for his pain showing on multiple x-rays, Steve proceeded with some acupuncture under the premise that he had a slipped disc. In combination with some pain killers, the initial treatment showed some improvement. The obvious benefits of the treatment showed the next time we presented when he was not on medication and still showing obvious signs of pain. He began to relax almost as soon as the treatment started. The acupuncture had a considerable effect and Chero was significantly more comfortable when we walked out of the surgery than before he arrived. This was prior to receiving any other medication. I will definitely be working with Steve in the future to ensure my dog's health is maintained in the best possible way.​

​Marguerita Vorobioff


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