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"We give pet parents the help they need to get their injured and aging pets PAIN FREE so they can KEEP MOVING and do the things they love"

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Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy for Dogs Brisbane & Gold Coast

Is rehab the right fit for my pet?

Do you have a pet that is having trouble with mobility? You search google and you get a flood of information about which next supplement is going to fix all your pet's problems. You're been to the vet and they've started you on a treatment and it's not helping much. Or maybe you have had chiro/ physio/ rehab/ acupuncture yourself and think there might be something similar to help your pet. 

Well there is - Balance Vet offers REHAB for pets.

Rehab goes beyond the conventional veterinary approach to pain and mobility in pets.

We look at firstly many different types of treatment to help your pet's pain - there is no one size fits all.

THEN we look at longterm solutions to increase strength and balance SO YOUR PET CAN KEEP MOVING AND DO THE THINGS THEY LOVE.

Want to figure out if Rehab is the right fit for your pet. We're happy to have a 20 minute FREE phone consult or you can go through the short QUIZ below.

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