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"We give pet parents the help they need to get their injured and aging pets PAIN FREE so they can KEEP MOVING and do the things they love"

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 Shockwave Therapy for Dogs and Cats

What is shockwave therapy? Shockwave therapy is a non-invasive treatment that uses acoustic waves to promote healing and relieve pain in musculoskeletal conditions.

How can soundwaves help my pet? Well the nerdy explanation is (skip to the next paragraph if you want the cool guy explanation): Shockwave therapy uses high-energy sound waves to stimulate the body's healing response. It improves blood circulation, promotes tissue regeneration, reduces inflammation, breaks up calcifications, and dissolves scar tissue, providing relief for musculoskeletal conditions.

The shortcut explanation: Soundwaves shake things up and give the body's natural healing process a hurry along. This is especially helpful in old injuries that the body has given up trying to heal and get better.

It sounds a bit scary - will my pet tolerate it? These were our thoughts when we first started using this therapy. And it is noisy and it does hurt a bit (We've treated our sore spots heaps with it) BUT strangelely most pets will sit quietly for treatment. We've even used it in cats. A lot of pets relax and actually enjoy it !!

Overall we have found shockwave therapy such a useful tool for arthritis, soft tissue injuries, sore muscles and sore backs. As always we often use in combination with other things such as acupuncture and laser etc so we increase our chances of helping your pet.

If you would like to know if Shockwave is a good fit for your pet we are happy to have a free 20 minute phone consult and answer all your questions. Or you can go through the quick QUIZ below.

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