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"Going above and beyond to help

 old pets feel young again"

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Chart & Stethoscope

Conventional and Routine Care

Our pets are loved ones and members of the family, and as any pet owner can attest, no two animals are ever truly alike.


That’s why an enormous amount of effort is put into both our routine and conventional care services here at Balance Veterinary Care. We appreciate that an animal patient has needs and preferences just as any human patient in a hospital would – and we make sure to work with you to find out how best to deliver the care your little loved one deserves.


Both our routine and conventional veterinary care services can be used alone, or in combination with other modalities and methods of care as required. Again, it’s all about giving your furry friends the best.


From ultrasounds through to titre testing, vaccinations, consultations, laboratory tests and radiography, we’re ready to put our resources to work helping to keep your pets healthy, happy and on a treatment plan that fits into their current stage of life.


As our pets get older, the little niggles that seemed so far away in their younger years can be a constant worry for loving owners. Nature may not always be kind, but that doesn’t mean we need to take any nasty afflictions lying down either.


Get in touch today to see how our experienced and compassionate team can help give your beloved pets the new lease of life they deserve to make every moment truly magical.

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