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Natural Medicine


Nutrition Advice

Deciding on the best nutrition for your pet can be confusing. The internet is full of conflicting advice on dry, raw and cooked foods. Owners can easily feel overwhelmed by all this information.  Dr Steve simplifies nutrition and can tailor advice to suit your individual pet's needs. He sees good nutrition as the most important ingredient to good health. In fact,he sees nutrition as integral to every pet's treatment.


His passion for pet nutrition has lead him to developing Vetlicious. Dr Steve was seeing so many pet owners who found it difficult and confusing to feed a balanced home made diet to their pets. There was a problem - so he fixed it! Vetlicious is a vitamin and mineral supplement designed to be added to home cooked diets. He enlisted two other veterinarians - Dr Kate Adams (Bondi Vet) and Dr Scott Campbell (Veterinary Nutritionist) to help him develop this uniquely Australian product.  Visit the Vetlicious website to find out more about how you can confidently prepare balanced food for your pet at home.

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